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Cross Party Parliamentary Group

 The Somaliland Cross Party Parliamentary Group (CPG)


The formation of a House of Representatives’ cross party parliamentary group was announced on 5 November 2007.  In a press release of that date, the objectives of the group were set out as follows:

    The Somaliland parliament (The House of Representatives) has the pleasure to announce the formation of Somaliland Cross Parliamentary Group, consisting of the 3 Political parties (KULMIYE, UDUB, UCID).


    The objectives of the Group include the following:

    1.   Enhance awareness of the international community to the Somaliland case.

    2.  Coordinate the various groups of organizations, institutions, individuals  engaged in support of Somaliland democratization  process.

    3.    Foster and exchange dialogue with parliaments in other Countries.

    4.   Conduct serious contacts with the Somaliland Diaspora to unite their efforts and activities in putting the Somaliland case in the world  spotlight, by creating contacts with their   MPs, politicians, Governments, the media and all possible Venues.

    5.   The Somaliland Focus Group will act as a focus in coordinating all the  above activities.”


    The Group welcomes all Somalilanders at home and abroad to send their opinions to any of the Members Listed below.


    Members Of The Cross Party Group





    Hon. Huseen M. Egeh,   Chairman


    Hon. Axmed A. Kijandhe, Secretary


    Hon. Khaddar Adan Huseen


    Hon Abdikariim Shabee


    Phone:     4416036

    Hon. Yusuf M. A.


    Hon. Omer A. Sulman


    Hon. Mahdi Sugaal   


Somaliland Cross Party Parliamentary Group (CPG) Visit the United Kingdom:  February 2008:

  • CPG Press Release at Hargeisa on the eve of the Group’s visit to the UK:31/1/2007



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