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Somali Republic 60-89 Laws

 Selection of Somali (Democratic) Republic Laws

(1960 - 1989)

We shall be keeping in this page a selection of some of the  laws passed during the period of the union of Somaliland and Somalia, and specially during the democratic legislature of 1960 to 1969. Those laws which are still widely used in Somaliland (such as the main 1960s codes) are already covered in the various pages of the website under the appropriate subject headings and the remaining laws kept here are for academic and reference purposes.  Some of the laws are dated but they would still be of assistance in the drafting of new and more modern legislation that can replace them. 

The laws are listed under subject headings in alphabetical order and are in various languages, but primarily in  English or, from 1973 onwards in Somali and occasionally in  Italian and/or Arabic.

We shall also be keeping in this  separate Dictatorship Decrees page examples of the draconian legislation passed by the Military dictatorship as a remainder, painful as it is still, of the lessons we have (or ought to have)  learnt from the era of the inappropriately named “Somali Democratic Republic” which lasted for just over 20 years and which followed the eight and 3 quarter years  of the the democratic Somali Republic formed in July 1960 by the union of two independent countries of Somaliland and Somalia.

These laws, decree laws and decrees are listed under their subject headings and include those passed before 1969 and those promulgated after from 1969 to 1998. Some of the early laws have been repealed by the latter ones, but the extent of repeals or savings is not often clear.  In any case, I have included the early laws regardless because pre 1969 laws were issued under the 1960 Constitution and, although dated, are more likely to have conformed to democratic and rule of law principles.  In any case, for both legal practitioners and legislatures, they provide a historical background to any new legislation in the same field.

DISCLAIMER:  No one has access to all the numerous official bulletins and supplements issued from July 1960 to 1990  and so there are many gaps in the records of legislation available  so far.  The laws listed in here on any topic are, therefore, by no means comprehensive and and are only a selection of the main ones. This website and its publisher/editor assume no responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of the information supplied here or for any consequences of anyone relying on them.
















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