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Somaliland Legislation


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Laws  Passed and  in Force Since 1997

This pages contains lists of and information about the laws and Regulations which have been passed by the Houses of Parliament  and signed into the Law by the President of the Somaliland Republic since 1997 when the Interim Somaliland Constitution of February 1997 came into force and the established the current system of law making which has been kept unchanged in the current Somaliland Constitution which was adopted in a national referendum in May 2001. The Law  are listed chronologically with the latest ones at the top. 


It has not easy to identify all the legislation that came into force during the period of the National Charter from 1993 to 1996 because of problems of record keeping at the then House of Representatives Secretariat, but the Laws and Regulations that we have managed to confirm their promulgation are listed separately below.  If you have copies of   of any legislation which came into force between 1993 to 1996 (or between 1991 to 93), please contact us at:


For current bills at the House of Representatives see this separate page or the House website.


List of Laws  from the Present to 1997

Note: Laws  come into force when passed by both Houses (with the exception of financial bills) AND signed by the President.  We have compiled this list since 1997 and have taken all reasonable  steps to cross check it with the Office of the Presidency, but if you are aware of any other laws we have overlooked, please contact us at:  Please note that this website and its publisher/editor assume no responsibility for the  accuracy or correctness of the free information provided in this website  or  for any consequences of anyone relying on them.






















































































Laws and Regulations from 1993 - 96

It has not been easy to trace copies of the some of the laws and regulations passed by the 1993 to 96 House of Representatives. The procedures for legislation under the 1993 Charter were different and not as detailed as those under those set out in the 1997 Interim Constitution and the current (2000/1 Constitution).





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