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The Chief State Counsel (also sometimes referred to as the Solicitor General) (Garyaqaanka Guud ee Qaranka) has started publishing monthly the Somaliland Republic Official Gazette from  February 2012 (covering the January 2012 legislation and other official notices) and copies of all the issues (pdf files)  shall be kept at this page.  A copy of the the Somaliland Republic Official Gazette Regulations is available in Issue 1.


The Gazette is in the official Somali language. We shall also continue to publish the main laws and regulations in the relevant pages of this website.


(Please note that the page numbering of these electronic versions may, in a few issues, not necessarily correspond to the actual page numbers of the printed Gazettes. In these few cases, we have retained, however the page numbers against each item as set out in the contents table of the printed versions for any citations - Editor)


The Gazette and all the back copies are now also available at the website of the Somaliland Chief State Counsel website ( ) at this page:

   [ Faafinta Rasmiga ah ee JSL ] - The webpage is currently (as at December 2013) not available.

Year 3, Sanadka 3aad, (2014)

  • Issue 1 Cadadka 1aad - 01 January 2014
  • Issue 2 Cadadka 2aad - 01 March 2014
  • Issue 3 Cadadka 3aad - 05 April 2014



Year 2,  Sanadka 2aad, (2013)

  • Issue 1 Cadadka 1aad - 02 February 2013
  • Issue 2 Cadadka 2aad - 03 March 2013
  • Issue 3 Cadadka 3aad - 06 April 2013 (large file)
  • Issue 4 Cadadka 4aad - 04 May 2013
  • Issue 5 Cadadka 5aad - 01 June 2013
  • Issue 6 Cadadka 6aad - 06 July 2013
  • Issue 7 Cadadka 7aad - 03 August 2013
  • Issue 8 Cadadka 8aad- 07 September 2013
  • Issue 9 Cadadka 9aad - 05 October 2013
  • Issue 10 Cadadka 10aad - 02 November 2013
  • Issue 11 Cadadka 11aad - 07 December 2013 (Note the issue is incorrectly numbered 10)
  • Issue 12 Cadadka 12aad -  04 January 2013


Year 1,  Sanadka 1aad, (2012):


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